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Emotional Intelligence Certification

EIQ-2 Certification

The Success Dynamics International model begins with assessment; targets needs and areas for improvement; and facilitates learning and training for excellence at all levels. Success Dynamics’ EIQ-2 certification provides state-of-the-art, active, experiential learning developed to train experts in applied emotional intelligence. Through a blended-learning approach, concentrated development gives participants the tools to perform, train, and coach at the highest levels. Completion of the program equips participants to facilitate training with access to appropriate EIQ-2 tools.

In-depth development is provided over the EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligence model emphasizing Emotional Self-Awareness; Emotional Self-Management and Regulation; Dynamic Initiative and Motivation; Empathy and Communication; and Relationships and Interpersonal Connection. EIQ-2 offers soft skills and emotional intelligence with an integrated approach to performance excellence.

Two Emotional Intelligence Certification Levels

We offer 2 unique emotional intelligence certifications:

1. Executive/Gold Peak Performance Processes

The Executive/Gold level of certification is Peak Performance Processes. This covers:

  • The Empathy Principle™
  • EIQ-2™ Emotional Intelligence
  • EIQ-2™ Second Stage Emotional Intelligence: Influence and Sales and
  • EIQ-2™ Second Stage Emotional Intelligence: Leadership

2. Master/Platinum Organizational Excellence

The Master/Platinum stage of certification is Organizational Excellence. This training includes:

  • TmEIQ-10™ Team Emotional Intelligence
  • ESO™ Emotionally Smart Organizations and
  • EIQ-2CRM™ Customer Service and Relations Management

Our design taps into business expertise, psychological savvy and the best in adult learning. It integrates individual, team and organizational emotional intelligence to optimize performance at all levels. Emotional Intelligence is flexible. It can be improved. The EIQ-2 system provides an array of tools focused on growth at all levels targeted towards meaningful results. It uses assessment to chart a path to long-term success.

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Certification in the EIQ-2 takes two days for each level. Training is done through e-learning; in-class and/or webinar components. Workshops may vary but follow the same overall structure.

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