Would you like to read more about how Emotional Intelligence can benefit you? We have a number of books available for sale at Amazon.com:

Mind Matters: Applying Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Success

A Users Guide to Mental Mastery. Gaining the Emotional Intelligence advantage personally and professionally for satisfaction and success. Mind Matters sets the stage to master the mind for self-awareness, focus, management and performance. Understand and manage thought and emotions to generate high returns on plans and effort. Harness the energy of emotional intelligence to master intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Connect to develop high value, high quality relationships. Take the EIQ-2 Assessment, to evaluate your emotional intelligence. Mind Matters Topics:
• Program your mind for achievement and excellence
• Command positive psychology to manage a constructive, powerful perspective on life
• Focus dreams and plans on winning
• Master intrapersonal and interpersonal soft skills
• Be more confident and assertive
• Express feelings and thoughts for results
• Self-motivate and take initiative
• Tap into the Law of Attraction emotionally
• Make more friends by being more likable
• Resolve conflicts by generating abundance
• Gain more influence and become more persuasive
• Learn to “read” people and spot lies
• Become self-disciplined and controlled
• Understand and harness the power of emotions
• Empathize to create instant rapport in relationships
• Deal with difficult people and challenging situations
• Manage anxiety, fear, and worry
• Focus on relationships and results

Sales Savvy: Top Ten Communication Lists

Sales Savvy sets the stage to open relationships and accelerate sales influence. Through concise, ready-to-use lists, information is provided to add power to anyone, from the sales novice to the seasoned expert. A ready guide for busy executives, the short lists provide instant results. These lists focus on opening relationships. Sales Savvy Topics:
• Harness the power of personal influence
• Master the habits of winning sales people
• Deliver the perfect sales pitch
• Follow up and follow through
• Gain more sales by understanding the ‘itch cycle’
• Be the person others listen to
• Create memorable conversations that get results
• Establish long term relationships

Wise Communication: 'Say it Right' Executive Communication Lists

When all is said and done, it’s the communication and the relationships that create meaning and success. Professionally and personally, use the right connections to transform dreams into reality. Leverage communication for peak performance. Wise Communication provides the ready reference to improve relationships, connections and communication. This guide improves your current skills and expands your repertoire for both personal and professional success. Wise Communication Topics:
• Make friends and become more likable
• Create a network by both quality and quantity
• Promote leadership and influence
• Master electronic media
• Develop resonance and rapport through neuro-linguistic programming
• Deal with difficult people and situations
• Make others comfortable with you and your ideas
• Focus a team on success and perk performance About the Author: Robert G. Jerus, SPHR is a consultant, counselor, speaker and author. Professor Bob spent over 30 years as a professor before devoting himself to full time emotional intelligence, communication and relationship performance.

Leadership Language: Executive Top Ten Lists for Communication Success

“Powerful! Moves readers to action and cuts to the core of effective leadership and communication like no other.” -- Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI and Referral Institute. “Provides an essential resource to transform a group into a cohesive and committed team.” Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman: NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling Author of “Never Fly Solo.” Fast and effective communication that gets the results you want! Leadership Language provides ready help for the busy person through short, actionable communication lists. Through this easy-to-read reference book, you will gain the knowledge and wisdom needed to develop both your relationships as well as your performance. This guide improves your current skills and expands your repertoire for both personal and professional success.

Surefire Success: Executive Top Ten Lists for Communication Success

Action oriented lists that empower clear, effective, purposeful messages and connections. These lists are designed for instant positive results. Surefire Success is focused on providing the communication advantage that busy executives need on a daily basis. Whether at home or in the office, these lists provide the insight and direction to improve relationships, connections, and communication.
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